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If visual impairment interferes with your ability to read, work, or do the things you enjoy, then consider cataract surgery.  Surgery is the only proven means of effectively treating cataracts.  Cataract surgery is relatively painless and is one of the most frequently performed procedures.  It has a very high success rate and more than 90 percent of cataract surgery patients regain useful vision.

At the present time the doctors all feel that the no eyeglass advantage of multifocal IOLs is outweighed by the fact that there is a decrease in visual clarity and contrast sensitivity. We are watching carefully for lens improvements.

All of the physicians in our practice offer to implant toric intra-ocular lenses when indicated. Toric intra-ocular lenses reduce or eliminate astigmatism (an irregularity of the cornea that blurs vision and induces refractive error and hence the need for glasses) and reduces or eliminates the need for glasses post-operatively.

With the Combined Benefits of Toricity and Asphericity, the AcrySof® IQ Toric IOL Truly Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Astigmatism Correction

  • Unique toric design offers astigmatism patients the best opportunity for bilateral spectacle-independent distance vision
  • AcrySof® single-piece platform ensures exceptional rotational stability, with less than 4° average rotation 6 months after implantation
  • Range of cylinder powers includes patients with lower levels of astigmatism
  • Visual Performance
  • Proven aspheric technology reduces spherical and higher-order aberrations
  • Aspheric optic offers increased contrast sensitivity and improved functional vision in challenging environments
  • Proprietary blue light-filtering chromophore filters more than UV

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