Refractive Surgery

The doctors at the Eye Institute offer the most advanced refractive surgery including Custom Wavefront LASIK and PRK. Laser Vision correction can help you reduce or eliminate the need for eye glasses or contact lenses and see the world with clearer vision.

PRK provides an even greater level of safety to an already safe procedure. The visual recovery is slower (one to two weeks on average) and there is more temporary tearing. Rarely is there any pain involved. This procedure leaves the cornea with increased strength compared to lasik. PRK is definitely the procedure of choice in patients with thin corneas as it does not involve the creation of a flap. This is a completely flapless and bladeless approach to eye surgery, which is also attractive to some patients. Another advantage of PRK is a lesser decrease in postoperative tearing because no corneal nerves are cut. This procedure is particularly suited to those in hazardous occupations. In PRK, the surface cells of the cornea are removed, and the excimer laser reshapes the surface of the eye. A temporary contact lens is placed as the surface cells re-grow over the next few days.

Our doctors offer the technological advantage of Custom wavefront guided laser vision correction. Custom laser correction involves a diagnostic device that maps the entire optical path of your eye, including the tiny distortions and imperfections naturally present in all eyes.This is effectively a unique “fingerprint of your vision,” and provides us with extremely precise and detailed information about your vision. The technology involved is highly complex, and it is based upon mathematical techniques used to improve the performance and image quality of deep space telescopes. This customized unique map of your eye is then loaded into the computer of the excimer laser which generates a wavefront customized or wavefront optimized treatment appropriate for the individual “fingerprint” of your eye.

For more information on LASIK and PRK click on the following FAQ.

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